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Why DilKeRishte ?

From times when photos are not enough. We present verified "Video Profiles"
Video Shoot
Professional Video Shoot

Make your matrimony profile more attractive by opting for a professional video shoot.

Photo Shoot

Get a 'Professional Photoshoot' or 'Video Shoot' for your matrimony profile and attract your soulmate quickly.

Find Your Divine Bond

Search a number of verified profiles & establish your divine relationship.

Profile Sharing
Easy Profile Sharing

Registered user of DilKeRishte can share their profile with their potential mate (of their choice) via a time-bound link valid for a particular time period ensuring the safety of your privacy.

Video Call
Video Calling

DilKeRishte provides you high-quality video calling feature through its portal because we believe in seeing is believing.

Horoscope Generation

Generate a one-page horoscope or get horoscope matchmaking free and support your love story with stars in your favor.

PAN India Network

DilKeRishte has matrimonial network PAN India connecting Indians from different communities.

Online Chatting

Love is all about being yourself and comfortable with your partner. Revive your love by connecting with your soulmate anytime & anywhere without sharing your personal mobile number.

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Now Available


Marriage Proposal Video: (FOR BRIDES & GROOMS)

A marriage proposal video is the recorded introduction of the prospective brides and grooms presented by the individual themselves. It provides necessary information about the person in brief in which they describe a little about themselves and also mention about their desired life-partner.

Benefits of Marriage Proposal Video

Matrimony sites are tremendously in usage these days where proposal videos of individuals if added gives a complete overhauling of the understanding in a 400% better way:

  • Quick access to numerous matrimony proposals in a few clicks
  • Highly cost and time effective
  • Get rid of fake profiles
  • Better understanding of the prospects
  • Easier to understand the temperament of the person
  • Maintains strict Privacy guidelines
  • Approval given after there-layered verification by the back-end team


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