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On top of the left side, click on the ‘Register’ & fill in all your details. Verify your mobile number, by filling the OTP received by you. After completing the form, click on I agree and then click on the ‘Next’ button. Registration process follows with a confirmation email for E-Mail verification purpose. After going through the mail, carefully ‘click on the link’ to activate your profile [Once your registration is completed, your account will be activated after 12 working hours].

Now login for the first time & create your detailed profile by keying in your personal details, additional information like qualification, horoscope details, family background, desired partner profile, and the likes/dislikes. You also have an option to upload your photograph/video making it easier for others to know you better and at the earliest.

By signing up on DilKerishte you will be able to browse a wide range of ‘General/Video’ profiles to select your life partner or friend. In addition to this, you will be able to upload proposal video & can view another user’s video profile also. One can avail the benefit of video calling & online chatting feature without disclosing your number. Another advantage of signing up for DilKeRishte is that you can check compatibility with your partner through our online horoscope feature.

If you are single and feeling lonely, you can further search for a friend on our website and improve your online experience.

Yes, you can register on behalf of someone else. You need to specify your relationship with the candidate for marriage while filling the registration form.

We tried our best to incorporate every criterion related to Profession, Caste, Language or Religion. However, it is a possibility that your required field might not be present in the category enlisted. In this case please select ‘Other’ option from the category and send an Email to us at so that we can add the field in our list for future reference.

We tried our best to incorporate every criterion related to Town/Village/City. However, it is a possibility that your required field might not be present in the category enlisted. In this case please select ‘Other’ option from the category and send an Email to us at so that we can add the field in our list for future reference.

This means you or someone you know might have registered on DilKeRishte with your Email ID. If you have not done so, kindly drop a mail to us at and we will take care of it immediately.

Click on Login button present on the top of the menu, enter your ‘User ID and Password’ and click on ‘Login’ button below. You will be successfully login to your account.

Please follow the steps below to edit your matrimonial profile:

  • Login to Your Account
  • Click on ‘My profile’ and select ‘Edit Profile’ option
  • Edit your personal profile according to the given instructions and click on the ‘Submit’ button at the end of the form

Click on login on the top. Now click on ‘forgot password’ button. Fill your Email ID and you will receive a 6 digit one-time verification code that will be valid for 10 minutes only. Enter this code to reset your password successfully.

After login to your account, click on ‘My Activity’ and select ‘Privacy Settings’ from the drop-down menu. Now, choose change password from ‘My Account’ and proceed to change your password.

Please check that you are inserting your Email ID & Password correct. Please check your Caps Lock is off and there are no spelling mistakes. If you are still facing issues you can call on our customer care no. +91-8306349153.

While registering on DilKeRishte you are required to fill your updated mobile number on which an OTP will be sent. Use this OTP & fill the form to verify your mobile number. Yes, it is a mandatory process because all the notifications regarding your DilKeRishte account will be sent to your verified mobile number. only for your comfort & safety.

Verification of E-Mail ID is an important step in identifying the fake profiles and keeping our users safe. In case a user forgets his/her password, DilKeRishte team will help via sending a mail on their verified E-Mail ID. All the future communication with the user of DilKeRishte will be done through the verified Email ID.

Yes, you can register from multiple email ids. Every new email id of same user will be consider as new DilKeRishte account.

While buying a membership, click on the ‘Available Promo Code’ button and select one code from the list appeared. OR if you have a Promo Code shared by the company with you, it can be applied effectively to that particular section it is in. For example, if it is for a membership plan it will only be applied to the membership case only.

Yes, it is an essential step to upload minimum one ID because without it the profile of the user will not be visible to other members. Moreover, uploading ID proofs will help in increasing the trust score of the user & get a better response on their profile by appearing higher in search results. However, in case of unavailability of ID proof at the moment of registration, the user can skip the process and log in again to upload his/her ID proofs later.

The user can increase their trust score by uploading maximum no. of ID proofs while registering or after registration.

It is because your profile is under verification process and it will take up to 12 working hours and you will be informed via E-mail.

First set your partner preference and check auto-suggested profiles to start your search. You can also use the search filters to improve your partner search. If you are interested in a profile, send a request and connect with them through the video calling or online chatting feature of DilKeRishte.

The very significant advantage of a video call is that the mobile number of the user will be kept undisclosed. Video calls will help the user to see the real reaction of a person including their looks, personality, how they talk or what are their expectations with their future partner etc. It is a self-testimony of a person which holds great value plus the chances of fake profile decreases. You can catch the person you are interested in anytime & anywhere without disclosing your personal mobile no. and decide whether to take this relationship to the next step or not.

Moreover, if after a few conversations the user feels like the person they are talking to is not the right match for them they can use the option of ‘Remove the Invitation’ and move on with their new partner search without getting bothered by anyone.

It helps in establishing a conversation between the users and enables them to check their compatibility by staying in touch without any interruption through DilKeRishte portal and keeping their personal mobile number undisclosed. Plus one can identify what a person thinks, their beliefs, values, and expectation from their partner through conversation.

Register on DilKeRishte & send an invitation to the person you are interested in. Once your request is accepted you can invite them for online chatting or video calling.

Just click on accept request button and now you will be connected to the person who has contacted you and start your interaction with them through either video calling or online chatting.

You can decline their invitation request and search for new profile matching your preferences. You can also make changes in your preferences and start a fresh search for more profiles.

It is advisable for the users to keep their contact details visibility option off for security purposes. Setting preferences help the team DilKeRishte to auto-suggest match according to your interest. Moreover, another user can search your profile and show interest if the set of preferences of one user matches the others.

Click on ‘My Activity’ and select ‘Video/Photo Upload’ option from the drop-down menu. Click on ‘Browse’ and select the photo or video shortlisted by you and upload them. Please understand the basic rules and read all the parameters given below before uploading your video or photo.

Yes, your video and photos will be secure with DilKeRishte and we provide the privacy option to the user through which he/she can select the audience that can view their photos/videos. Click on ‘My Activity’, select ‘Privacy Settings’ and decide who can view your photo, video, contact, profile, horoscope, and verification report.

Firstly, send an invitation to the profile you are interested in and connect with them. Secondly, choose an appropriate plan with video calling & online chatting feature. Proceed with video calling or online chatting feature and find a perfect match easily.

Use the pre-described SMS service of DilKeRishte and send them a message inviting them for video calling or online chatting. Have an amazing conversation without disclosing your personal contact details.

There are various parameters which might lead in showing an error while uploading a photo or video such as photo size, and basic rules on the basis of which photos are rejected.

Make sure your photo must be less than 15 MB and in jpg, gif, png or bmp format. Check if you are in line with the basic photo uploading rules of DilKeRishte.

Please ensure that your video is not more than 350 MB or 90 seconds.Still, if you are facing issues in uploading your photo/video then please drop us a mail at our official Mail ID through your registered Mail ID or WhatsApp us at +91-8306349153 through your registered mobile number.

The user can click on the icon present on the side of their profile picture (top right of the screen). You will see ‘My Account’ option, click on it, then click on ‘Upload Video’ and select the ‘Get Profession Video Shoot’ button or the user can contact team DilKeRishte via sending an email to The user can also call on our customer care no. +91-8306349153. A user user has to make an advance payment of 50% along with their personal details & bio-data. On the basis of bio-data, our experts will develop a script for the shoot & take the user’s approval for the same.

After approval, the shoot will be scheduled in the nearby studio of the user by fixing the date & time from mutual consents. The user needs to bring his own costume, makeup & accessories etc. of his/her choice. On the day of shoot rest of the payment needs to be deposited or one can pay on the spot as well. The professional video shoot will take 3-4 working hours in normal conditions. After 3-4 working days, the user is required to visit the studio for watching the video & providing his/her approval. After which our technical team will provide the video via email or WhatsApp. No reshoot will be done; however, minor corrections can be done at the user’s request.

Click on ‘Shortlisted Profiles’ tab and review the auto-suggested profile by team DilKeRishte according to your set preferences. If you like any profile sends an invitation to them. As soon as your invitation got accepted connect with them through our online chat or video call features.

  • Video calling feature
  • Online chatting feature
  • Online Horoscope matchmaking with your prospects (One-To-One)
  • 100% verified matrimony profiles
  • Background verification facility
  • Pre-described SMS service
  • Keep your phone number undisclosed
  • Express interest in any other member be it having same membership plan as yours or lower membership plan

We provide various membership plans suitable for the different needs of our users. First of all, Login to your account, click on membership and then click on the ‘Upgrade’ button. Choose the right plan for you, proceed with the payment process and your upgraded plan will be activated soon.

Yes, a user can migrate from friendship plan to matrimonial plan however his/her existing membership plan will lapse.

Add-ons are extra services which are not available in a pack and is used to get a customized plan according to the need of the user.

Yes, DilKerishte has secure online payment mode absolutely safe to use.

Log in to your profile and click on ‘My Activity’ tab on the top. Select horoscope from the drop down menu and proceed further.

You can ask for more information from another user by just clicking on that particular section with missing information. A message will be delivered to that user by DilKeRishte, so that s/he can complete their profile immediately and you can proceed with your partner search.

You can request for a background verification of a particular profile you are interested in from DilKeRishte. It is a premium feature and requires the acceptance from both the parties for the same. Moreover, a user can also request DilKeRishte team to get a personal background verification certificate that will be attached to his profile in order to enhance the authenticity of their matrimony profile & make the profile more trustworthy.

Yes. Contact the DilKeRishte team and request for a background verification certificate in advance to avoid last minute complications.

You can share your profile with a third party by using a unique feature of DilKeRishte which is “Time Bound Link”. One can send a time-bound link to the user with a password so that only a particular person is able to see your profile. The link will automatically expire after some time.

Moreover, one can share their profile with another user of DilKeRishte only if he/she was given permission by the profile owner via the same time-bound link with password protection.

Yes, it is safe to share your proposal video with a person you trust via mail because the profile can only be shared via a ‘time-bound link’ which is password protected.

In case of any such cases, the user has an option to mark abuse against the person’s profile after which our technical team will take care of the matter immediately. That person might not be able to see your profile or contact you back.

In case you are not interested in a profile you can decline their invitation. We suggest you should tell the person first and if still, they keep on bothering you, you can use our feature to block a user’s profile to avoid any type of contact with them. They won’t be able to see you or contact you again.

By setting your ‘Privacy Setting’ according to your requirement will help you to check who can view your profile/photo/video etc.

Log in to your account and click on ‘My activity’ tab on the top. Select ‘Privacy Settings’ and at the bottom of the page click on ‘Deactivate Account’ button.

Click on the Play Store or App Store icon situated at the bottom of the page and you will be redirected where your app will be installed. You can also search our DilKeRishte app on Google Play Store OR App Store and install it keeping your search on any time & anywhere.

One can help a friend in their partner search & earn also if they refer a friend. Referrer will get cash back according to the company’s norms.

When a user sets his/her preferences for a partner search, on the basis of it they are shown profiles auto-suggested by team DilKeRishte. It will be shown on the side of the profile in numbers for example if you have set 10 preferences then it will appear like 8/10 (means the other user's profile have 8 matching criteria set by you).

Firstly, it is informed to every user of DilKeRishte that all the information filled by them (IDs) will not be used for internal processes and not be shared with anyone. Team DilKeRishte will cross check your account and verify all your documents as well as details filled by you on the basis of your AADHAR card, check income, PAN card, Driving license etc. n this way, your profile on DilKeRishte will be verified.

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